Yusei Fudo is the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and was one of the Signers.
Yusei Fudo
He is known and respected by many other characters in the show for his genius style of dueling. His considerable duel skills, even for his cool and clever personality. He uses a Duel Runner, which is called the Yusei Go. In the English version, "Let's rev it up!" is a common catchphrase that he uses when he summons a Synchro Monster. In the Japanese version, his catchphrase is "Take flight, Stardust Dragon!". He is also the foster brother of Jack Atlas, and Crow Hogan.



Yusei as a Infant

Yusei was born in the Tops area of New Domino City. His parents were lead developers for the Ener-D Reactor. Dr. Fudo named his son Yusei after the Planetary Particle (Yusei Ryushi), as he wished for Yusei to be able to connect people with bonds. As the Zero Reverse was about to take place, before dying, Yusei's father placed Yusei in an escape pod, saving him from the disaster that would follow. Yusei's parents were both killed in the Zero Reverse and Yusei was sent to an orphanage in Satellite, where he was fostered by Martha. Growing up he was interested in auto shop and Jack defended him and his friends from bullies.

Yusei grew up in Satellite, where he befriended Kalin Kessler, Jack Atlas, and Crow Hogan. As residents of Satellite, they were made to do labor for the residents of New Domino City and denied many luxuries which were enjoyed by the residents of New Domino.

Being forced to survive on what he could, Yusei developed expert dueling skills. He, along with Kalin, Jack and Crow, became part of a group known as the Enforcers (Team Satisfaction in the Japanese version).

Believing they could never leave Satellite, the team tried to make the most of their lives there. They began taking over various regions.

While facing another Duel Gang, one of the members tries to kill Yusei, by throwing him off the roof. Kalin catches Yusei by a Duel Disk cuff, stopping him from falling. As Kalin's platform begins to give way, Yusei tells Kalin to leave him and save himself. Kalin refuses to abandon his friend and pulls Yusei up. With that gang defeated, the Enforcers have captured all the zones in Satellite. They finally dominated the whole of Satellite.

Sometime later, Kalin forces a kid into a Duel and assaults him after winning. The rest of the gang realize Kalin is becoming cruel and is letting the power get to his head. Crow and Jack leave the gang, but Yusei stays by Kalin's side. Sector Security later arrive in Satellite, armed with Duel Runners. Kalin decides to go up against Sector Security. Yusei leaves the team, hoping that Kalin won't decide to go through with the fight when he's alone.

Kalin still proceeds with the fight, and the rest of the gang return to help Kalin when he is on the run. The team faced Security, in what Kalin believed to be the Enforcer's last Duel. Yusei gets in a fight with Kalin when Kalin murders a Security Officer. Crow and Jack held Kalin in a room, while Yusei went to tell that he, himself, was the leader, in the hopes that Kalin won't get arrested. Before he could do this, the Securities found and arrested Kalin. As Kalin is dragged into a Security wagon, the officer pats Yusei on the shoulder, thanking him for assisting in the arrest. Kalin sees this and believes Yusei sold him out, but is taken away before Yusei can explain himself.

Yusei spends his time with Jack, Blitz, Nervin, Tank and Rally. During which, he develops impressive skills in hand-to-hand combat, engineering, computers, motorcycle riding, and comes into possession of the card "Stardust Dragon".

Yusei duels and loses to Jack. Jack tells him that he cannot win a Duel with Monsters, Spell or Trap Cards alone, only with them joined up. Jack points to his heart, saying that all he needed to amass a victory is right here. At the time, Yusei did not understand what he meant. Yusei was able to pick up TV signals from New Domino City, allowing his friends to witness Turbo Duels. He fell out with Jack after a difference in goals, as Jack wanted power and to lead people.

With his friends' help, Yusei was able to make his own Duel Runner. However, Jack stole the Duel Runner and "Stardust Dragon" in order to escape to New Domino City and become the "Turbo Duel King." Yusei had considered these stolen items to be "bonds of friendship" belonging to him and his friends and vowed to get them back.

Two years later, after building a new Duel Runner with the help of Rally, Blitz, Tank, and Nervin, Yusei makes plans to venture to New Domino City to recover "Stardust Dragon" from Jack.

In the process, he runs into Trudge, a Public Order Security officer, who wants to arrest Rally for stealing an acceleration chip. (In the English version, Rally was framed.) Trudge agrees to duel Yusei under the condition that if Yusei won, Trudge would forget the events of that day; if Trudge won, Yusei would give himself up to Trudge. After accepting the challenge and losing, Trudge swears to crush Yusei, but lets him go. While the only pipeline connecting Satellite to New Domino City, which is a chute for waste, was closed for maintenance, Yusei took advantage of this to escape to New Domino. On the way, he gets chased by Trudge, who forces him into a Turbo Duel. Yusei wins one second before the hatch to New Domino started closing. Avoiding the trash flooding through the pipeline, Yusei slipped through the maintenance hatch right before it closed, leaving Trudge stuck in the pipeline now full of trash.



Yusei has fate in his card deck.

Yusei sees friends as the most valuable thing a person can have; he believes no one should ever have to be alone, and tries to convince others whom are against friendship that they are wrong.

Yusei is sometimes contradicting to his view on "fate". Just before Yusei dueled Halldor, he stated he didn't care about fate. But during his Duel with Halldor, he says if Halldor felt he was fated to face Yliaster, the same applies to him.

Yusei gets annoyed at those who reject cards by calling them trash or say that cards are usless, so much so that he doesn't consider them deserving of calling themselves Duelists or even consider them a Duelist. He is also shown to be annoyed when Trudge refers to him or his Deck as "scum", enough that Yusei told Trudge "All you ever say is 'scum' over and over again, don't you know any other words?". It is also revealed later on in the Dark Signer Arc that Yusei felt guilty about the Zero Reverse incident, and blamed himself before Crow assured him he didn't need to take responsibility for it.

He believes that Synchro Monsters are not the bringer of destruction even though Jakob claims it is. He also cares very much for New Domino City's safety, and has even said he will never allow a tragedy like Zero Reverse to ever happen again in the city, even if it means his life. He also told Z-one that nobody has the right to take away another person's future, even it was to save the world. Furthermore, he believes that if there is no present Momentum, then the future cannot be saved.

In the English version, Yusei has had a fear of insects ever since a cockroach nested in his ear, as said by Nervin. He was however able to conquer this fear after his Duel against Lenny, though he seemed to show discomfort in his first duel against Roman Goodwin, where he asked if it "was too much to ask to summon a monster with only two legs".


Yusei has tan skin, black hair with gold highlights, and Bleu de France blue eyes. The upper layer of his hair juts upward while the lower layer arches down. Yusei wears a long-sleeved blue jacket with a high collar and amber gems, over a sleeveless black shirt with a red symbol, and wears gloves below his elbows with an amber gem on them. His lower body consists of black jeans with amber knee pads, a belt with two Deck holsters hidden under his jacket (one for his standard Deck and one for his Turbo Duel Deck), and calf-high motorcycle boots. After episode 5, he acquires a jagged criminal marker on the left side of his face which later was somehow covered in episode 116 and episode 117, which is thought to be covered by makeup. His Mark of the Dragon was a red outline of the tail, which was permanently burned onto his right forearm after the events concluding the Fortune Cup story arc. It is later replaced by the dragon head mark upon his defeat of Goodwin, with Crow receiving his former mark.

During his time in Crash Town, Yusei replaced his Duel Disk with the Duel Disk revolvers used in the town, and he wore a brown poncho over his normal clothes with his Mark of the Dragon designed on it. He wears the poncho in the manga at the start of the D1 Grand Prix. However this poncho is white, lacks the Mark of the Dragon design, and is dirtier.

During the WRGP, he gets a new Turbo Dueling outfit that is similar to his old clothes but is more form-fitting. The new outfit consists of the same blue jacket with amber gems, but the bottom right part is replaced by a black strap with an orange outline. He wears blue jeans with amber gems at the knees and knee-high boots.


Yusei is shown to be very gifted when it comes to computers and machines, able to build and program seemingly anything as he was to build his own Duel Runner (D-Wheel in the Japanese version) from scrap parts, twice, and how he jams the criminal mark on Rally Dawson. Along with the ability to construct one, he is also shown to be very adept at riding a Duel Runner, evidenced numerous times throughout his duels. He is a highly adept fighter, as evident from how effortlessly he knocked out two of Goodwin's security guards. He appears to have expertise in physics considering the fact that at one point Akiza came to request his assistance on the subject and later takes over his parents' job as head of overseeing the completion of the Ener-D. As Team 5D's team captain, Yusei showed to be a very capable strategist and tactician, able to see through his opponent's plans and devising plans for his own team. He is also an adept teacher, shown in Episode 75 when he was helping Akiza Izinski get her Turbo Dueling License.

Later, Yusei learns to Accel Synchro Summon via Clear Mind, which enables him to control the Ener-D in his Duel Runner with his will and go at critical speeds without stopping. With it he is capable of summoning "Shooting Star Dragon" (although he performed Clear Mind for the first time in episode 109 and Summoned "Shooting Star Dragon", Yusei did not achieve Clear Mind on his own due to using the Crimson Dragon mark to perform it. It is only 122 that he has used Clear Mind without relying on the Crimson Dragons power.)

Bruno also confirmed that he is capable of achieving Delta Accel Synchro via Top Clear Mind. However, in episode 150, Yusei instead achieved Limit Over Accel Synchro Summon via Over Top Clear Mind, a god-like power that greatly exceeds Top Clear Mind itself (this kind of state could not be performed without the Crimson Dragon itself along with all six Marks of the Dragon aiding him. Unlike other Clear Mind states, Yusei flew at very fast speed in the air rather than the ground. When performing this, Yusei and his Duel Runner turned gold colored.) With this, Yusei is capable of summoning "Shooting Quasar Dragon".

Yusei's Signer mark gives him powers that no ordinary man has, like the ability to locate other Signers or protecting himself and others from harm or other supernatural effects. In Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time, his mark even makes him able to see and hear the spirits of Duel Monsters and humans.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Manga

Before the start of the series, Yusei used to wear a pair of goggles that he'd worn during his first Turbo Duel. His friend, Sect Injuin, often expressed admiration for the goggles, and he idolized Yusei, eventually asking to call him "bro." Yusei allowed him to do so, and later gave Sect the goggles after Sect won his first Turbo Duel.

Sect Ijuin would later challenge Yusei to a Turbo Duel. Yusei wins, but is impressed by Sect's performances and accepts Sect as his rival. Afterwards Sect Summoned the Skeleton Knight, from an urban legend, in the hopes of getting rare cards. However the Knight took Sect captive and challenged Yusei to a Duel. Though badly injured by the Knight's "Underworld Dragon Dragonecro," Yusei was able to break the pipe the Knight's horse was running along, causing the Knight to be disqualified for stopping. After winning, Yusei rushes over to Sect's body, finding that he's injured.

As Yusei took Sect away for treatment, he was attacked by Jack's "King of Divine Punishment, Dark Highlander". Yusei managed to dodge the attack, but in doing so ended-up Dueling Jack.[7] When Sect fell off the Duel Runner, Yusei abandoned the Duel in favor of saving him. Jack continued the Duel with Yusei unable to block his next attack. Yusei and Sect fell into the water as Jack won the Duel.

Yusei managed to get himself and Sect to Puzzle Hospital. Sect was treated for a minor concussion, while Yusei had his injuries from the Duel looked after. He refused to tell the doctor what happened the night he arrived and ignored her advise to get rest, in favor of working on his Duel Runner.

As he wondered why he lost to Jack, Lazar overheard him cursing his defeat. Lazar commented that the yearning for victory while cursing defeat is the kind of pure soul that is needed for any Turbo Duelist. He addressed Yusei as the best Turbo Duelist in Satellite and invited him to participate in the D1 Grand Prix, informing him that Jack will also be in the tournament.[9] Lazar's talk of fame and fortune for the winner was of no interest to Yusei, so Lazar instead tried to appeal to his pride, by reminding him that he has a chance to restore the pride that Jack took from him.

Yusei later met Akiza Izinski, who prepared to ask him about Jack and notices he has an invitation card for the D1 Grand Prix. Yusei yelled at Akiza's friends, telling them not to touch his Duel Runner. Yusei apologizes, he didn't mean to yell at them, he just doesn't like people touching his Duel Runner. Despite its worn appearance, Akiza noticed that Yusei was taking care of the parts of the Runner necessary for Turbo Duels. Rather than ask about Jack, Akiza challenged Yusei to a One-Shot Run, during which she noticed that Yusei was hesitant and only relied on speed to power his Sense. Akiza easily won, but was surprised that Yusei managed to take out one of her crests even though he was hesitating. Experiencing Yusei's Sense taught her enough about Yusei's Duel with Jack, so she didn't ask him any further questions and hoped to see him at the D1 Grand Prix. After the encounter, Yusei decided to enter the tournament after all. Before the tournament, Yusei underwent some special training with Sect to develop a new Sense.

Yusei faced Greiger in the first round of the D1 Grand Prix, arriving at the stadium wearing a poncho in the last second before the Duel. During the Duel, Yusei and Greiger realized that they are both participating in order to get a rematch with Jack. Yusei successfully used his new Cross Sense to win his Duel against Greiger in combination with his "Seven Sword Warrior".

The night after he defeated Greiger, Yusei was working on his Duel Runner in the garage and asked Sect to help him but unknown to Yusei, Sect was stuck in a trance, while being corrupted by his shadow card and didn't snap out of it until Yusei called out to him again. Sect regained his senses and hid the card in his pocket. Afterward Sect asked if they could go sightseeing around the city but Yusei declined as they didn't have that kind of money and left the room with Sect following him.

Yusei's second Duel was against Hunter Pace, who the night before had meddled with Yusei's Duel runner in order to ensure that it wouldn't be fast enough on the day of the race so that he could cross the finishing line before, thus winning the Duel. As he Dueled Hunter, the Skull Flames revealed to Sect on the sidelines that they'd sabotaged Yusei's Runner, causing Sect to get mad and his new Shadow powers to activate. Yusei felt the same sensation as he had while Dueling the Skeleton Knight, as did several other Duelists. During the Duel, Yusei struggled to get past Hunter Pace's strategy of blocking attacks, and due to his Duel Runner not working properly, it was looking dim for him,[15] but he luckily managed to pull of a strategy consisting of "Catapult Warrior" and a 4000 ATK "Junk Blader" in order to OTK Hunter, thus winning the Duel. Yusei then approached Hunter and thanked him for the great Turbo Duel.

After his Duel with Hunter, Yusei went looking for Sect after he overhead that the securities were looking for someone of his description for causing several people to fall unconscious. His concerns were raised after he sensed a Shadow Miasma around the goons bodies. He eventually finds Sect Turbo Dueling against Jack. After Sect Summons his "Beelze, King of Dark Dragons", his personality turns dark which causes him to insult Yusei and call him a bad person for looking down on Sect, which Yusei immediately denies. After succumbing even more to the "Duel Dragon," Sect is then taken by the Skeleton Knight causing Yusei to scream his name out in anger.

Kalin Kessler approaches Yusei and Jack after Sect disappears and reveals to Jack that he has Jack's old ace. Kalin's Duel Disk begins to malfunction causing the dragon to disappear as it was only a copy. Jack goes to punch Kalin, demanding to know where the real "Jeweled Red Dragon Archfiend" card is but he is stopped by Yusei who states that a card like that changed Sect and wanted to know more about the Duel Dragons from both of them. Kalin says they are both qualified to play the game for the Duel Dragons and that the showdown will take place in Satellite. Yusei asks Kalin if Sect is really in Satellite but Kailn replies that it's up to him if he believes it or not and that the only way to save Sect is to break the bond between him and his Duel Dragon is through a Turbo Duel.

Yusei is later challenged by Leo and his sister Luna, who are looking for Duelists that are compatible with the Duel Dragons. At first, Yusei was apprehensive, but after Leo reveals he has his own Duel Dragon, he accepts, hoping to find a way to save Sect. During the Duel, Leo gets the upper hand by Synchro Summoning his "Machine Dragon Power Tool", but when Leo gets blinded by his own rage due to Luna getting hurt from one of Yusei's attacks, he fills his Spell & Trap Card Zones up, leading to his downfall as he couldn't set his Dark Bribe, thus Yusei was able to successfully Summon his "Gravity Warrior" via Synchro Nova; winning him the Duel.

After his Duel with Leo, the finals for the D1GP are announced to be on the island of Satellite. To get there, all of the finalists have to travel via boat. Whilst on the boat, Yusei stands on the Deck and thinks about Sect, but is interrupted by Rex Goodwin who tells Yusei about how Turbo Dueling began in the wild west on horseback, and how the Duel Dragons are dark cards which he will be required to obtain in order to defeat the Skeleton Knight and return Sect to his old self.

When the boat arrives, all of the finalists line up infront of the Duel Gate to hear Lazar tell them the rules. Yusei is quick to set off in order to find the Star Tickets required for him to enter the finals, as well as a Duel Dragon card that Goodwin had told him about. When he arrives at one of the card zones, he is challenged by Crow and their fated Duel begins.

As the Duel goes on, Yusei and Crow match each others skills with a "Synchro-War", with both sides Summoning several Synchro Monsters quickly.[24] Their skills are even to the point that they both use the same Support for their Synchro Monsters including "Synchro Mirage Attack" and "Synchro Creed".[25] Despite this, Yusei managed to defeat Crow and his "Blackwing Tamer - Hawk Joe the Jet Black" with his "Lightning Warrior" which was powered up via his "Synchro Mirage Attack". With this, Yusei obtains the Level 4 Star Ticket. After the Duel, both Crow and Yusei are transported to a different dimension where Yusei finds "Stardust Spark Dragon", his Duel Dragon.

However the Shinto Priest, the original owner of "Stardust Spark Dragon," challenges Yusei in an One-Shot Run. During the Duel stone tablets are used instead of cards and horses instead of Duel Runners. Yusei chooses "Lighting Warrior" and the Shinto Priest chooses his Duel Dragon. While they run, the dragon's miasma infects Yusei, making him fall into darkness and "Stardust Spark Dragon" enters Yusei's mind, showing him its sorrow over people that desired its pwoer. Yusei remembers his One-Shot Run with Akiza, his Duels against Jack, Leo and Luna, Crow and finally, his friend Sect. Then Yusei accepts the Dragon's attack, asking it to help him save his friend.[27] Yusei and Crow then go back to the present, the Duel Dragon card taking form in Yusei's hands. Crow then leaves, heading for the next Duel Zodiac. Yusei is at the 8th Duel Zodiac, but the Star Ticket has already been taken by Admire Derby. "Stardust Spark Dragon" appears - and the then Skeleton Knight appears before him. He shows him Sect's goggles and tells Yusei about his current state and what's going to happen to him. The Skeleton Knight also reveals to Yusei that Sect is currently awaiting in the Aerial Fortress Seibal, a giant fortress, which Yusei notices floating in the sky and that it will be the place for the "ritual". Then, the Skeleton Knight vanishes, leaving the broken goggles behind, which Yusei begins wearing around his neck.

Yusei then Duels Jean, and defeats him, obtaining the Level 2 Star Ticket. Jean offers to give him his Level 1 Ticket as well, but Yusei lets him keep it.

Afterwards, Yusei heads to the 6th Duel Zodiac, only to find the twins Leo and Luna waiting for him, and then they begin their second Duel. At first Yusei is pushed back due to the effects of the twins Fairy Tale spell cards and Leo's "Machine Dragon Power Tool" but he turns things around by Synchro Summoning his Duel Dragon.[31] When Yusei destroys "Machine Dragon Power Tool," its destruction frees Leo from it's Shadow Miasma. Leo reveals that Goodwin was the one who convinced him and Luna to Duel Yusei, as by doing so would turn Luna back to normal. However at that moment, Luna uses her Shadow Miasma to brainwash Leo. Taking over the duel, Luna uses her monsters to Synchro Summon her Duel Dragon, "Ancient Pixie Dragon". After discovering what happen to the twins, Yusei resolves to defeat them both in order to save them from their dragon's Shadow Miasmia.[32] Yusei calls out to Leo in order to snap him out of Luna's control.

While it doesn't work at first, Yusei keeps at it and eventually manages to free Leo. This act angers Luna, causing her Shadow Miasma to take her over completely. Using two Quick-Play Spell Cards along with "Stardust Spark Dragon", Yusei defeats the twins.[33] Following this Yusei claims the 6th Star Ticket. This along with his level 2 and 4 Star Tickets gives him a total of twelve Star Tickets, allowing him to enter the Duel Gate. Leo warns Yusei not to go to the Duel Gate as Goodwin is using him and the other duelists in a ritual. While he knows it is dangerous Yusei tells Leo he still needs to go as like how Leo wants to protect Luna, he also has someone important to protect. As he heads to the Duel Gate, Yusei is ambushed by Tiger Eyes who wants to steal his Star Tickets in a duel. Yusei defeats him quickly by using "Gravity Warrior".

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (Anime)

The Facility arc

Yusei manages to find Jack. Jack tosses "Stardust Dragon" back to him, telling Yusei he can have it. Yusei refuses and tosses "Stardust Dragon" back to Jack, saying that he would rather duel him for it to prove he can get it on his own. Jack agrees, but their Turbo Duel is interrupted by the appearance of the Crimson Dragon right before the winner is determined, later revealed to have been Yusei. The Dragon causes Jack's already permanent Birthmark (Mark of the Dragon) to glow and burn as well as revealing Yusei's Mark, the Dragon's Tail. Yusei is arrested shortly after for trespassing into New Domino while Jack leaves safely. Rex Goodwin and Lazar, who had been monitoring the Duel, reveal that if the Crimson Dragon hadn't appeared, Jack would have lost.

After his arrest, Yusei was scarred with a large mark on the left side of his face that signified his criminal record, and was sent to the Facility, where he met Tenzen Yanagi. Yanagi informs Yusei of the Crimson Dragon and the Signers, telling him that those who have the birthmarks were chosen by the People of the Stars. Yusei's birthmark is the Crimson Dragon's Tail, which appears on his arm when he fights alongside Stardust Dragon or encounters another Signer.

Yusei meets former pro Duelist, Bolt Tanner, who imposes a Duel. Since Yusei's cards had been taken, Yanagi duels Tanner. Disgusted at Yanagi's poor dueling and his cards, Tanner stamps on the cards, despite their sentimental value to Yanagi. Yusei knocks Tanner down and challenges him to a Duel, borrowing Yanagi's Deck. Yusei defeats him without ever attacking once and Tanner offers his assistance to him.

Under Goodwin's orders, the warden Armstrong is made carry out tests on Yusei. Armstrong also has Yusei sent to a different part of the Facility.

Yusei's new cellmate Alex offers Yusei a chance to escape through a tunnel he's been working on for months. Yusei agrees to come if they can take Tanner and Yanagi too. However Armstrong has Tanner and Yanagi beaten for knowing Yusei. Yusei stands up to Mr. Armstrong, causing him to impose stricter rules. Goodwin then unexpectedly shows up, and grants Yusei freedom from the Facility - on the condition that he defeat Armstrong in a duel and come to work with him. Yusei, though feeling suspicious, accepts Goodwin's offer.

Yusei refuses to escape with Alex, as Tanner and Yanagi are unable to come too and escaping wouldn't grant true freedom. Without a Deck to use against Armstrong, the other inmates give Yusei cards to use against Armstrong.

Yusei shocked

Yusei gets electrocuted.

The next day Yusei faces Armstrong, using the Deck of random cards. The Duel is setup to shock players if they suffer damage, but Armstrong rigs the arena to stop himself receiving shocks and uses surveillance cameras to see Yusei's cards. Alex, however uses his tunnel to sneak into a security room and switches Armstrong's shocks back on. Yusei defeats Armstrong and is released by Goodwin.

Before his release, Yanagi gives Yusei his "Totem Pole" card. Tanner gives him his "Giant Ushi Oni", instructing him to go to Bootleg, order some milk, and ask for a guy named Blister, then use the card to prove he met Tanner.

Yusei is followed by two men working for Goodwin at Bootleg, but is pulled away by Blister on his Duel Runner. Blister jams the signal emitted from Yusei's criminal mark to stop them being followed.

Despite believing it to be suicide on Yusei's part, Blister helps him in infiltrating an Impound warehouse to recover his Deck and Duel Runner.

Disguised as an electrician, under the pseudonym Yusei Adams (Taro Daimon in the Japanese version), Yusei was able to sneak into the warehouse. When he gets to the crate, where his Duel Runner is held, he is ambushed by Trudge. Yusei hops onto his Duel Runner and smashes it through the crate. Trudge forces him into another Turbo Duel. While trying to escape, Trudge closes all the security doors, making Yusei's chances of escaping very slim. However, Blister blows up the elevator door and at ground floor, Yusei rides out while Trudge gets stuck in the elevator. Soon he catches up. After Trudge starts physically attacking Yusei, Blister arrives to help, having had a change of heart over what Yusei told him about friends. Yusei wins the Duel, but is electrocuted by a huge crowd of Security and left unconscious outside at the Tops, where the richest people live. Luna feels Yusei's pain and rushes outside with Leo, only to find Yusei outside their front door unconscious.

Fortune Cup arc

Yusei is later given refuge by the twins Leo and Luna. In the Japanese version, he fears that he would only cause them trouble by staying, but they manage to talk him into a Duel and staying for the night. In the English version, Yusei has ansemia after his Duel with Trudge and can't even remember his name. He duels Leo in the hopes of regaining his memory, whilst in the Japanese version, Yusei is reminded of Rally through Leo's personalities.

After leaving the twins, he is threatened into participating in the Fortune Cup by Lazar, who holds his Satellite friends hostage. Yusei is later given more incentive to participate when Jack gives "Stardust Dragon" back and personally demands that he face him. In the quarter-finals of the Fortune Cup, Yusei faced Hunter Pace, disguised as Shira, and won, moving to the semifinals. His opponent in the semifinals is Greiger.

After Yusei defeats Greiger, Greiger attempts to take revenge on Goodwin for what he did to his village, but Yusei manages to stop him. Before security takes Greiger away, he tells Yusei to fulfill his own mission. In the English version, Yusei stops Greiger from knocking down the tower Goodwin was in to get revenge on what Goodwin did to his village, but a spike broke through the glass at the top of the tower (where Goodwin is) from the collision with Greiger's Duel Runner and Yusei's Duel Runner and Goodwin stopped it with his metal hand. As security takes Greiger away, he tells Yusei to be careful in the finals in the English version.

Yusei faces Akiza in the finals. Previously, he had thought that she only felt anger and rejection. But after Akiza's first move, he notices and points out that she has a pleasure and joy for destruction. Akiza replies that cannot be true, however, later on the duel, after people insult her again, she accepts it all because of being the "Black Rose". According to her, this other side of her is the one who enjoys destruction all because of the powers caused by the Mark of the Dragon. He learns that after she was found by Sayer, he told her to feel but not to think, to let him do that for her. But even still, she puts on her mask just to feel; this prompts Yusei to fight this duel to change her.

By the end of the Duel begins as he says that her pain which came from all the destruction she caused was turned into one that the other Signers shared. Yusei tells her that the birthmark may hold the answer for her pain, but in order to find out, she must think and love herself. Akiza still intends to deny this by winning the duel without noticing, as pointed out by Yusei, who has seen through her, that she is crying. Thus he eventually wins, resulting in her mask cut in half due to "Cosmic Blast" and after she falls, Akiza tells him to "help her".

He faces Jack near the end of the Fortune Cup. Although he is pushed to a corner in the middle of the Duel, Yusei wins using various combos with "Stardust Dragon" to destroy Jack's "Red Dragon Archfiend" and becomes the new King of Turbo Duels. He tends to ignore his victory however, concerned about the vision of the Spider Nazca Line which he and Jack saw during the Duel.

Dark Signers arc

Following his victory against Jack, Yusei flees the stadium with Tanner, Yanagi, Luna, and Leo to avoid being mobbed by reporters and fans. They hide out at Blister's place at the edge of the city.

Yusei spots a man with a glowing birthmark. Believing him to be a Signer, Yusei chases him to a construction site where he faces him in a Shadow Duel. The opponent reveals himself to be a Shadow Drone and states their motives to destroy the Signers. After Grady loses, he has no memory of the Duel, his Deck changes, and his Mark of the Shadows disappears. Yusei runs away after Security appears to examine the damage caused by the Shadow Duel. After returning to the hideout, Security led by Trudge track him down. Yusei walks out to meet them and says he wanted to talk to Goodwin anyway (in the English version, Yusei called Trudge to take him to Goodwin).

Yusei is taken to meet Goodwin at an incomplete bridge pointing in the direction of Satellite. Here Goodwin tells him about the battle between the Crimson Dragon and the Earthbound Immortals, where the Signer Dragons sealed the Earthbound Immortals in the Nazca Lines. Goodwin says that those bearing the mark of the Crimson Dragon and the Earthbound Immortals' servants, the Signers and Dark Signers have been battling for 5,000 years. Their battle is destined to determine the fate of the world. The Original Ener-D Reactor in Satellite is a door to the Netherworld itself, which the Dark Signers plan opening, to release the evil sealed in the Nazca Lines. Yusei understands Goodwin deliberately isolated Satellite from New Domino to restrict the battlefield to Satellite, only harming the Satellite residents. Yusei requests that they evacuate Satellite, but Goodwin says can't, since it would allow the Dark Signers to target the city, insuring a greater amount of casualties. Goodwin arranged a helicopter to airdrop Yusei and his Duel Runner into Satellite.

After arriving in Satellite, Yusei is reunited with Crow. The two head back to Yusei's Satellite hideout, where he is reunited with Rally and the others. Security had been following Crow, so everyone splits up. Crow takes on the Security, and Yusei arrives to help, resulting in a Tag Turbo Duel. After winning the Duel Yusei and Crow meet up with Rally and his others at Crow's base at the Daedalus Bridge. Here Yusei tells his friends about the disastrous vision shown by the Crimson Dragon and the story told by Goodwin. He listens along with the others the story about the man who made the bridge. During the night both he and Crow had head to the B.A.D., where the Original Ener-D Reactor is. They are confronted by Kalin, who is now a Dark Signer. Kalin shows great hatred to his old friends and forces Yusei into a Shadow Turbo Duel. Kalin takes the upper hand with "Hundred Eyes Dragon". Yusei is able to comeback with "Stardust Dragon", but Kalin turns the tables and Summons his Earthbound Immortal, "Ccapac Apu". Before Yusei is defeated his Duel Runner breaks down and the Duel is canceled. Yusei is then found impaled in the abdomen by a large shard.(In the English dub, the shard and blood was removed, despite the fact that the scene in which Rally and the others watching it was not, and he is said to have cuts and bruises.)

Crow takes him to Martha's refuge facility, in order to receive the required surgery. Dr. Schmitt, assisted by Martha manage to save Yusei's life. After waking up he sees that Rally and the others brought his Duel Runner all the way from the B.A.D. Yusei gets scolded by Martha for putting himself in danger, without asking his friends for help. She reminds Yusei of his idea of "believing in friends" as they will always be there supporting and helping him out. As he recovers, he checks his Duel Runner and thinks that Kalin is too powerful for him to defeat.

As Akiza is about to duel Misty, Yusei's mark reacts. He rushes outside and sees Hummingbird and Lizard Earthbound Immortal marks. He is aware a Duel between a Signer and Dark Signer is about to begin, but is unable to assist. After Akiza is taken to the hospital, her parents turn to Yusei for help. Yusei is initially reluctant, but prompted by Martha, who teases him, asking if he had a crush on Akiza and that if they did have a special connection with her, he should ask her out, agrees to try.

When Akiza awakens, she is initially glad to see Yusei, but after seeing her parents, turns against him. Unable to calm her, Yusei tries to reach her by dueling. Yusei takes damage through the Duel, but Hideo steps in to protect him. With Hideo's determination, Yusei is able to show Akiza that her parents love her.

Mina shows Akiza and Yusei information regarding the Arcadia Movement and Sayer's true motives, involving the abduction of children to create an army of Psychic Duelists. Yusei comforts Akiza from the devastation.

The Signers are invited to Rex Goodwin's house. Despite his distrust of Goodwin, Yusei decides to go, as this is the only way he get information on the Signers and Dark Signers. Yusei asks about reverting a Dark Signer back to normal. Goodwin reluctantly tells them that Dark Signers cannot be brought back as they are dead and no longer of this world (Otherwise is said in the English dub). Yusei loses confidence in returning Kalin back to normal and blames himself for Kalin's current state. Jack, who is sickened by Yusei's self-doubt, punches him in the hopes of returning some sense to Yusei. Jack's actions and words, along with some moral support from the twins, restores Yusei's confidence.

When the four Signers return to Satellite along with Mina, Leo and Trudge meet up with Martha. They learn that Rally, Blitz, Tank, Nervin and Crow have disappeared. While everyone is sitting down to supper, Roman interrupts. Jack wants to duel him, but Yusei tells him that its too dangerous to duel here with the flaming geoglyph. Yusei instructs Jack to take Martha and the kids to a safer place.

Yusei duels Roman, while accompanied by Akiza. During the Duel, two of the children are nearly sacrificed to the geoglyph; however, Jack jumps his Duel Runner over the border of the geoglyph and uses his Mark of the Dragon to protect them. Martha, who was on top of a nearby damaged building with Trudge, falls into the geoglyph and gets sacrificed to Summon Roman's "Earthbound Immortal Uru". After Yusei Summons "Stardust Dragon", Roman leaves and revives Rally as a temporary Dark Signer to face Yusei. Rally sacrifices himself to help Yusei. To avenge Rally's sacrifice, Yusei swears the Dark Signers will be defeated with everything he has.

The four Signers separate and head to each of the four control units of the Original Ener-D Reactor where their respective opponent is waiting. Yusei head's towards Kalin's tower, but spots a column of light coming from where Luna went. Yusei finds Leo dueling Devack. Yusei tries to stop the Duel, but cannot due to the natures of the Shadow Duel. Yusei is left with Trudge to watch helplessly.

He witnesses Luna come back and assist Leo, shortly after Devack Summoned "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu". Together the twins, defeat Cusillu and Devack. Afterwards Ancient Fairy Dragon and Regulus appear to thank Luna, who tells them she couldn't have done it without Leo or Yusei. Yusei and the twins proceed to the tower to activate the control unit.

When the Killer Whale geoglyph appears, Yusei finds Crow dueling against Greiger, who is now a Dark Signer. Yusei tries to talk them out of the Duel, but both feel that they are fighting for the people they love and refuse to stop.

After Crow's Duel, Yusei proceeds to Kalin's tower, intending to save him. Both engage in a Shadow Turbo Duel. Towards the end of the Duel, all of the birthmarks disappeared from the Signers' arms and then unite to form an image of the Crimson Dragon on Yusei's back. Because of this, Yusei is able to Summon "Majestic Star Dragon" and destroy Kalin's Earthbound Immortal. Yusei manages to reconcile with Kalin before the Dark Signer turns into dust.

Yusei heads to Roman to request a final Duel. During the Duel, he learns of what happened in the Original Ener-D Reactor incident and more about his father. Yusei manages to defeat Roman, but in the latter's moment of defeat, Roman triggers an explosive that destroys the bridge they were dueling on, leaving Yusei to fall into the pool of Ener-D.

Yusei ends up in a strange place, where people who died during the Zero Reverse accident reside. The souls start to attack him, but are stopped by Yusei's father. Professor Fudo helps Yusei to escape the Netherworld.

Yusei and his companions go up through the same stairs they used before. In the distance, they see purple sparks and deduce that Jack has won his Duel and activated the third control unit.

Yusei goes to the last tower, where Akiza is dueling. He encounters Sayer in disguise, who lures him into a room. Inside, Mina is locked in a cage below. Sayer reveals himself and tells Yusei that Akiza is not a friend but a mind slave of his. He quickly subdues Yusei and throws him into the cage with Mina. Before leaving, Sayer seals the cage by using a "Hinotama" and fills the cage with water before leaving them to die.

After being rescued by Trudge, Yusei confronts Sayer, who by then has gained control of Akiza. They get into a fight and Sayer reveals that he was the one who killed Misty's brother, Toby. Just when Yusei was about to be blown off the building, he tricks Sayer into revealing this to Misty through his Duel Disk's microphone.

After Sayer is eaten by Misty's Earthbound Immortal, Yusei snaps Akiza out of her daze and she manages to defeat Misty. However, the sun sets before they can activate the control unit, and so the Condor geoglyph appears in the sky.

Yusei, Jack and Crow face the last Dark Signer, Rex Goodwin in a 3-on-1 Shadow Turbo Duel. Crow protects Yusei from the effect of "Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca", and his Life Points become 1. Yusei and Jack continue the duel without Crow. After Jack is unable to duel, Yusei has his Life Points reduced to 1. The Crimson Dragon mark on Rex disappears and three of the five birthmarks return to their original owners, with the Head Birthmark instead going to Yusei and the Tail Birthmark choosing a new owner in Crow. Yusei then summons "Majestic Star Dragon" and defeats Rex. The Crimson Dragon uses "Majestic Star Dragon" to gain a physical form and destroy the King of the Netherworld.

Pre World Grand Prix Racing arc

Half a year after the Duel with Rex Goodwin, Yusei spends most of his time preparing his Duel Runner for the World Turbo Grand Prix. He assists in investigating damage caused to Duel Runners, caused by Ghost and ends up dueling Ghost. When it appeared that Yusei was beginning to have the upper hand, Ghost summons his Synchro Killer, "Meklord Emperor Wisel". Utilizing "Majestic Star Dragon", Yusei was able to defeat Ghost and discovered that he was a robot. After meeting with Trudge, he explained that the robot he faced was known as a Duelbot and that it was a test robot designed to see if they could be used in Sector Security's forces. Yusei feels that something big was coming and had to prepare for the worst.

He goes to Duel Academy and duels Heitmann, a teacher who plans to expel Leo and Luna's class because they are weak for using low level monsters. Using some cards that the kids gave him, he wins the duel and proves that low level monsters can overcome high level ones.

Yusei later has the misfortune of being targeted by a rival team from the Grand Prix and kidnapped. He is rescued then by Akiza and as the 2 of them escape from the truck he was trapped in, a female Turbo Duelist named Sherry LeBlanc appears. Yusei and Sherry then engage in a Turbo Duel, with Akiza witnessing as she's sitting on his Runner. Sherry offers Yusei a spot on her team for the World Racing Grand Prix. Sherry questions him, asking him what is his purpose. The Duel finishes with no result.

Yusei then asks Jack to Turbo Duel to see if he can win without using a Synchro Summon. Jack ends the duel with no result. Later, he and the others went to the WRGP celebration, but in the middle of the celebration, a partycrasher by the name of Dobocle interrupted it. After he was stopped by Akiza's "Black Rose Dragon", Trudge sent reinforcements after him, but Primo got to him earlier. One of the Security agents thought that he was Ghost, so he informed Trudge. After Yusei heard that, he quickly went to follow Ghost, but he is then challenged by the mysterious masked duelist, Vizor. Vizor shows Yusei how he can surpass his own limits through the use of a new method: Accel Synchro Summon. Yusei is intrigued and vows to surpass his limits, because he knows that Accel Synchro Summoning is the only way to beat "Meklord Emperor Wisel".

Yusei watches Akiza during her Duel Runner lessons, and helps her improve and learn various Duel Runner tricks. When Akiza passes her Turbo Dueling exam by dueling Trudge, Yusei congratulates her and welcomes her to the world of Turbo Dueling.

After these events Leo asks Yusei to construct him a Duel Board so he can duel with Lester. After a night of construction he completed the board for him. The next day Yusei notices his mark glowing, signaling him that Luna's dueling. After Luna and Leo lost their fight with Lester he's determined to defeat Ghost and his "Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity" and learn about Accel Synchro.

Crow has always known Yusei as a man who keeps his feelings to himself rather than share them with his friends. Yusei left before Jack and Crow woke up one morning to try and match the speed of Accel Synchro. He believes that he lucked out during his Turbo Duel with Ghost and that he would've lost had the Crimson Dragon not shown up in time.

Yusei, however, could not reach that speed, and stops off at the place where Old and New Domino City began to change. Jack and Crow later find him, and he reveals his unease around Ghost. He also tells them that he suspects that Yliaster is behind everything, as Roman had told him that it was a man from Yliaster who set him down the path of becoming a Dark Signer. Furthermore, they are using the WRGP for a plan, if Sherry's story proves true. The three decide to work towards mastering Vizor's Accel Synchro as a means to effectively combat the new Yliaster plot and protect the city.

Mina and Trudge invite Yusei, Jack, and Crow to dinner, attempting to convince them to take in Bruno, an amnesiac with mechanical aptitude. After a mishap in which Jack believes Bruno vandalized his Duel Runner, Yusei takes up the favor and clears the misunderstanding. The two bond due to similar knowledge and make progress with developing the engine.

Later that night, while the four are asleep, someone breaks in and steals the engine program. The next morning, they try to hack into Security's database, which includes a simulation duel. After Crow and Jack fail the simulation, Bruno steps in and easily beats the simulation. Finding out that Lazar has stolen the engine program, they follow Lazar through a mall, where they almost lose sight of him due to holographic technology. Bruno and Yusei follow Lazar to a factory, where they are separated. Bruno goes to call for help while Yusei finds and subdues Lazar.

Using the stolen program, Primo activates a legion of Duelbots, and leaves after activating a self-destruct sequence to destroy the factory. Primo also traps Yusei and Lazar in a room with a Guard Robot programmed with knowledge of Yusei's strategies and a Lockdown Deck designed to stall him as the self-destruct sequence counts down. While the rest of his friends escape, Yusei defeats the robot, and Lazar helps Yusei escape. Lazar warns Yusei about the enemies he will be facing before departing.

Crash Town arc

Later Yusei travels out far to a small western town called Crash Town where the town is a battle ground for two gangs, one side has his friend, Kalin. He observes from up on a cliff where he meets Barbara who explains the history of the city. The Duel Gangs in the area duel for money, but if they lose, they become slaves and are forced to mine in a mountain for the rest of their life. Yusei watches a duel between Kalin and a gang member, which he quickly defeats in one turn. After the duel he tries to call out to him as he is riding away, but Kalin simply rides off, paying little mind to his appearance. Yusei realizes that he needs to duel him to get him back, and he and Barbara create a plan to rescue him when he loses.

Joining the opposing gang, Yusei duels Kalin the next day. During the duel, Kalin reveals his guilt for becoming a Dark Signer and fighting Yusei, and thus wishes for defeat so that he may die. When Yusei defeats Kalin, however, Barbara double-crosses him, which causes him to be hauled off to the mountain along with his friend as Lawton arrives. Yusei disables the shock collar around his neck and attempts to convince Kalin to escape with him, knocking him when he refuses. Yusei takes Kalin and escapes into the mine, retrieving his Duel Runner with the help of West and Nicko. When Lawton appears to stop them, Yusei initiates a Turbo Duel with him to allow his friends to escape, almost losing to "Gatling Ogre". The duel in interrupted due to Kalin's appearance, and Lawton uses dynamite to escape, throwing Yusei and Kalin off the mountain. Returning to the town (recently renamed Lotten Town), Yusei and Kalin duel Lawton. When Lawton is pushed into a corner, however, Barbara takes West and Nicko hostage and demand Kalin and Yusei's surrender. With the arrival of Crow and Jack, Lawton attempts to escape, but Kalin borrows Yusei's Duel Runner and finishes Lawton off. With Lawton defeated and the town renamed Satisfaction Town, Yusei, Jack, and Crow bid farewell to Kalin, who stays behind in the liberated town.

World Racing Grand Prix arc

After the events at Satisfaction Town, Yusei returned to New Domino City where he meets with Trudge and Mina to find out more about Bruno. However, a bomb explodes and another bomb threat is issued, causing an evacuation of the building, but Yusei and Bruno become unable to escape. Finding Sherry LeBlanc, who set off the first bomb, they pursue her, but her butler Elsworth is able to stop Yusei and challenge him to a duel. Yusei defeats the butler, and convinces him to try and stop Sherry. As they enter the room where Sherry was attempting to analyze a mysterious card, the analysis computer mysteriously begins to glow and the four are transported to a mysterious white space with a comma-shaped machine, which analyzes them. The four wake up on the shore shortly after the event.

He later appeared to help Crow work out the kinks in his Duel Runner with Bruno's help, finding a strange circuit in the process. He later watched Crow's duel against Bolton and is the first to know that he is dueling with an Anti-Blackwing Deck. While watching the duel, his birthmark, along with Crow's and Jack's, began to glow as Crow summons his Signer Dragon "Black-Winged Dragon". Crow defeats Bolton, who is arrested but gives the three new, more powerful engines.

Forming Team 5D's for the WRGP, the group headed out to the practice track to get a feel for their new engines. During this practice run, Crow accidentally ran into a member of Team Unicorn. Andre, the team's ace, challenges Yusei to a Turbo Duel, which he accepts. During the Duel Yusei realizes that Andre can analyze every possible scenario before playing his cards, like himself. Summoning Stardust Dragon, Yusei attempts to seize victory, but the time limit for the practice run stops the duel. He also notices he did not have a confirmed victory because of Andre's unknown set card.

During the first round in the WRGP, Yusei faced off against all three members of Team Unicorn because Jack and Akiza lost to Andore. Yusei was able to claim victory over Andore, who managed to halve Yusei's Life Points before losing. He then struggles against Breo's Mill Deck, but manages to defeat him with "Junk Destroyer". Yusei then barely defeats Jean without any cards in his Deck. With this, Yusei pulled off a seemingly-impossible victory and won the first match of the preliminaries.

He celebrated their first victory with his teammates when Sherry arrived to discuss what had happened to them up until now. They discussed the events about Ghost and the Meklord Emperor monsters, Lester, what she, Yusei, and Bruno saw that day at the Sector Security's compound, and the Imposter Jack Atlas. Sherry believed that Yliaster is behind all this and that they are being targeted because they are the Signers, which everyone is shocked to hear that Sherry knows about. The next day, Yusei, Jack, and Crow decided to see how Team Unicorn is doing in their match. Once they got there, they discovered that they lost due to their Duel Runners crashing unexpectedly in their match against Team Catastrophe.

While reviewing the duel, they figured out that when ever a player crashes, they managed to have the monster "Hidden Knight -Hook-" out on the field. While deducing this, Akiza got involved in an accident similar to the one Crow was in and fell into a coma. They know that Team Catastrophe was behind this and decided to beat them fair and square in the tournament to pay them back. Yusei and the rest of Team 5D's watched Crow's duel very closely to see what is the relationship between the crashes and the monster, Hidden Knight -Hook-. They soon discovered that after its effect activated, a hooked hand appeared from the shadow of its opponent's Duel Runner and caused their wheel to lock up. Even with this deadly monster on the field, Crow managed to stay in the game long enough, despite his still wounded shoulder, to win the Duel, destroying Hidden Knight -Hook-, and trading places with Jack. After the first two turns of the duel, Team 5D's managed to win the second duel due to Nicolas's Duel Runner being destroyed by his own card's effect. Both of the cards were given to Team Catastrophe by Primo, who attempts to eliminate Team 5D's from WRGP. After his plan failed, he unleashed an army of Duelbots into New Domino City.

Because of that, Yusei and others decided to fight against the Diablo army. Yusei teamed up with Sherry and Elsworth. After they defeated some of them, Primo sent all Ghosts to the trio. They quickly defeated Elsworth and Sherry, leaving Yusei to fight alone. Bruno, who saw this, wanted to help Yusei. A voice in his mind reminded him of his "task"; this prompted him to get his Duel Runner and go to help Yusei. Transforming into Vizor, he helps Yusei escape from the Ghosts. Fed up, Primo faces Yusei on his own. Vizor stalls Primo with a duel so Yusei can obtain the last element needed to obtain his Clear Mind. Yusei overcomes his fear of "Meklord Emperor Wisel", causing a tablet to fall from the sky. Touching the tablet transports him to the white space where the machine stood, which gives him a blank card. Returning to the city, Yusei duels Primo, who merges with his Duel Runner.

Primo, determined to win, used stole Skiel parts to boost the power of his Meklord Emperor. This gives Primo an advantage, and his remarks prevents Yusei from using Clear Mind. Primo's Wisel absorbs Stardust Dragon, but Yusei is able to retrieve it and finally Accel Synchro Summon his new "Shooting Star Dragon", whose effect destroys Wisel and eliminates Primo's Life Points. With Primo's body destroyed, Jakob and Lester appear to take his remains. Jakob explains the team's purpose to Yusei, Jack, and Crow, obtains his Granel tablet, and leaves.

Yusei then accompanied Jack to Greiger's hometown after receiving an e-mail from him saying that Jack needed to find a new method of fighting. While Jack was absent, Yusei talked with Greiger, who realized that he was used by The Crimson Devil. Later he went with Greiger and Max to temple where Jack was dueling the Familiar of Red Nova, and witnesses as Jack obtains Burning Soul and defeats the familiar.

Later, he went with Jack, Crow and Bruno to search for cup ramen, Jack's favorite, because they were sold out. There they met a disguised Lazar, but before Yusei could ask him about Yliaster, he disappeared. Yusei, Jack, and Crow lure Lazar into a trap, and Yusei uses a tracking device to corner him as he escapes. After Crow defeats Lazar, Yusei helps interrogate him about Yliaster, who takes them to an arcade game with stored information. Yusei helps complete the puzzle needed to enter the password, and they see that the Momentum Express Development Organization was involved in the scheme.

Yusei and the others then went to Rick, Bolton's former associate, in order to find information about the Momentum Express Development Organization. He agreed to help them infiltrate the headquarters under the guise that they were testing their Duel Runner-sized Momentum engines. Yusei, Sherry, and Bruno enter the building and began investigating the company, including their mysterious Infinity machine. Sneaking into the office of Clark Smith, the Momentum Express President, Bruno and Sherry obtain an access key to the highest-security checkpoint at the facility while Yusei distracts him with a Concentration Duel. Yusei is barely able to defeat Clark, who used underhanded techniques to gain an edge. Clark then activated an alarm and trapped the three in a shuttle, forcing them through a wormhole using Infinity. Sherry is sucked into the wormhole while Yusei and Bruno are transported to the future, where Dr. Fudo appears and sends them back. Because Clark revealed his plans to the three, Yliaster promptly changes history to erase Momentum Express from existence.

When Yusei and Bruno return to their own time, they realize that Yliaster has entered the finals as Team New World, and Lazar is promoted as the new Director of Sector Security to keep the WRGP in operation. Yusei, Jack, and Crow decide to train in order to defeat Team New World, and in the process meet Team Taiyo, a kind group who they help to fix their Duel Runner. However, they quickly realize that their next match is against the very same team. In the wake of Team Taiyo's "Zushin the Sleeping Giant", Yusei was able to defeat the team using cards left over from his friends.

After some time, Yusei, Jack and Crow met Team Ragnarok. Leader of the team, Halldor, explained to them how they got Aesir. After Yusei asked to combine their strength with them, Halldor refused, saying that Yusei's father made Zero Reverse and they believe Yusei might be trying to continue the destruction his father left behind. Halldor challenged Team 5D's tomorrow, saying that team who win will have right to duel Team New World in the final. Yusei accepted, saying that he and his friends cannot afford to lose.

Yusei enters the final stretch of Team 5D's match against Team Ragnarok against Harald. Even though Jack and Crow manage to defeat their opponents, Dragan and Broder, their ace cards, "Thor, Lord of the Aesir" and "Loki, Lord of the Aesir" remain on the field due to their ability to Special Summon from the Graveyard. In his first turn, Harald Synchro Summons "Odin, Father of the Aesir" and starts a powerful assault on Yusei. Odin's effect nullifies Yusei's Spell and Trap Cards, but Yusei is able to Summon "Majestic Star Dragon" and later "Shooting Star Dragon", finally stopping the Aesirs and defeating Team Ragnarok.

During the duel between Team 5D's and Team New World, Yusei watches the first two duels and feels that both Lester and Primo held back considerably, eventually realizing their strategy revolving around their "Infinite Spirit Machine". When Jack fails to destroy it, Jakob quickly summoned "Meklord Emperor Granel", which promptly destroyed and absorbed "Red Nova Dragon", defeating Jack in one turn. Crow attempted to fight back with his Blackwings, but also fell to the colossal monster, sacrificing his Life Points to pass his "Black-Winged Dragon" to Yusei. Jakob then reveals the destroyed future to Team 5D's, but Yusei chooses to continue the duel, using Black-Winged Dragon to summon his own "Stardust Dragon" and Accel Synchro Summon "Shooting Star Dragon", which destroys "Granel" with its effect.

With "Granel" destroyed, the Three Pure Nobles merge into Aporia, who summons his "Meklord Astro Mekanikle" and absorbs "Shooting Star Dragon". Yusei struggles against this new monster, but is finally able to call on his friends' best monsters to his side, and destroys "Meklord Astro Mekanikle" with Crow's "Black-Winged Dragon", Jack's "Red Nova Dragon", and his "Shooting Star Dragon". With this, the WRGP is finished with Team 5D's as the winner after a long tournament. However, the Grand Design is completed and the Divine Temple appears in the sky, ready to crash into New Domino City. Yusei resolves to stop the giant structure, but Sherry returns and warns him that death will await him if he boards.

Ark Cradle Final Confrontation arc

Despite knowing what future he may have if he went, Yusei decides to go up to Divine Temple. At first, he planned on going alone, but the rest of the team convinced him to let them go with him and fight by his side. With the help of Team Ragnarok and Vizor, they make it to Divine Temple. They were suddenly separated into three groups because of Z-one's trickery. Yusei travels with Vizor to the center of Divine Temple.

Vizor and Yusei reach their Planetary Gear and find that there was no opponent there to face them. However four orbs float towards Vizor and engulf him in light, forcing a complete return of his memories. Vizor then faces Yusei and removes his visor, revealing his true identity. He identifies himself as Antinomy, who is an ally of Z-one and Yusei's opponent. Yusei is reluctant to face Antinomy, knowing that he was Bruno, but thinking of his mission and everyone that was relying on him, he accepts the Duel.

Antinomy and Yusei mount their Duel Runners and the setting changes to outer space, where the two of them ride along a white path near a star, which becomes a black hole that the loser would be sucked into.

Antinomy begins his assault quickly by Synchro Summoning T.G. Hyper Librarian on his first turn, allowing him to draw 1 card for each Synchro Summon. Though Yusei tries to destroy it by Synchro Summoning Junk Berserker, Antinomy blocks that attack and, during his turn, performs an Accel Synchro Summon bringing out his T.G. Blade Blaster which does a great amount of damage to Yusei, putting his life at 1600. After that, Yusei does an Accel Synchro as well and counter-attacks, decreasing Antinomy's Life Points to 1800. Antinomy then tells to Yusei that Accel Synchro is nothing more than a mere exhibit and, by putting T.G. Blade Blaster back to the Extra Deck and bringing back its material monsters, along with Synchro Summoning T.G. Recipro Dragonfly, Antinomy performs a Delta Accel Synchro, bringing out T.G. Halberd Cannon. Due to its effect, Antinomy was able to prevent Yusei from banishing his "Shooting Star Dragon", as well as allowing Yusei to summon a monster. However, Yusei then pulls off a combo with his weakened "Shooting Star Dragon" with "Balance Shooter" and "Endure Soul" to successfully defeat Antinomy.

As the black hole starts to absorb Yusei and Antinomy, Antinomy tells Yusei to save the world. Yusei, confused, seeing how Antinomy was trying to destroy New Domino City, asks why. Antinomy responds that despite him getting his memories back, he has seen Yusei's possibilities, and thus believes in him. Yusei calls to Antinomy as Bruno, to remind him that he was a part of Team 5D's, as well as their friend. Remembering his memories with the team, Bruno tells Yusei to master the Delta Accel Synchro. As Bruno's Duel Runner falls behind, Yusei tries to save Bruno, but Bruno reminds him that only the winner could escape. Bruno then removes his visor and uses his Runner to push Yusei out of the dimension, and falls back himself after doing so. After Yusei escapes the dimension, he sees Bruno's damaged visor and mourns over his death.

Once he caught up to his friends, he informed them of his duel with Bruno and that he showed him a way to defeat Z-one. They all found Z-one in a strange room filled with junk. Once they confronted Z-one, Aporia appeared and challenged him to a duel. However, Aporia quickly falls to the might of Z-one's Timelords and gives Yusei's Duel Runner the power of flight to fight Z-one with. Yusei receives the other Signer Dragons from his friends and begins his battle against Z-one.

Yusei battles Z-one with great skill and power, summoning his friends' Signer Dragons despite Z-one's tactics. When Yusei deals damage to Z-one, however, his mask breaks, revealing a mark similar to Yusei's mark. After Z-one explains his appearance, he Summons and overwhelms Yusei with 5 Timelords. Yusei struggles to defend himself with Ancient Fairy Dragon, but a shockwave from the Divine Temple colliding with New Domino city thrusts him off his Duel Runner. Yusei was close to giving up, but seeing his father one last time before he recovered gave him the inspiration he needed. With this he achieves Over Top Clear Mind and uses his friends' Signer Dragons to Limit Over Accel Synchro Summon his final monster, "Shooting Quasar Dragon", which decimates the Timelords. When Z-one counterattacks with the final Timelord, Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord, Yusei uses his final card, Clustering Wishes. It allows him to summon his Stardust Dragon. Yusei declares that his dragon is the combined form of everyone's wishes, and it will not lose. He activates another effect of Clustering Wishes, which increases his monsters ATK by the total number of attack points for every Dragon-type Synchro Monster in his graveyard, raising his Stardust Dragon's ATK to 23000, and by sending the Signer Dragons back to his deck, for each one, he can force a battle with Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord. One by one, the dragons of the Signers break through the Timelord's shields, eliminating Z-one's last defense. With the combined wishes of everyone in New Domino City, Yusei attacks with Stardust Dragon, obliterating Z-one's life points and sending him crashing down. The duel ends in Yusei's victory.

After the Crimson Dragon transports his friends away from the Divine Temple, Yusei flies at its core with the intent of sacrificing his own life to stop the structure (believing it will be his final role to the city). Z-one then appears to redeem himself, rescuing Yusei and sacrificing himself instead. Yusei then returns to his friends, who become overjoyed to see him after his supposed death.

Team 5D's Future

Yusei and Ushio

Yusei talks with Trudge.

Sometime after his Duel with Z-one, Yusei becomes a researcher for New Domino City. However, he is unsure if he wants to continue as a researcher or continue on as a duelist. After a call with Crow, he decides to throw a party for all his friends. During the party, Jack challenges Yusei to a duel to regain his former title to which Yusei himself accepts. Despite a valiant effort on Jack's part, Yusei defeats Jack, who decides to leave New Domino to pursue his own future. The night before everyone goes their separate ways, Yusei shares one last moment with Akiza, who is trying to confess to him her feelings' before they leave each other. Yusei takes her hand, and the two stare into each other's eyes intimately. Yusei decides to stay in New Domino to protect it, as he says farewell to Akiza, who has decided to study medicine abroad, Crow, who has decided to leave to return to dueling, and to Leo & Luna, who are leaving to live with their parents. With one last ride together, Crimson Dragon appears and removes all the Signer marks, allowing the heroes, including Yusei, to move on to their respective futures, without the heavy destiny of protecting the world anymore.

Film Appearances

Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time

Yusei Fudo had a nightmare about the Zero Reverse incident that his father created. With Yusei upset, Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan decided to have a Turbo Duel to cheer Yusei up. After driving down the highway, Paradox, who traveled back in Yusei's time, challenges Yusei to a Turbo Duel. After a few turns, Yusei tunes "Junk Synchron" with "Junk Warrior" and Synchro Summons "Stardust Dragon", but Paradox reveals a blank card and launches a beam at "Stardust Dragon", absorbing it and creating a blackened corrupt card of it into the blank card. Yusei confronts Paradox, who shows him the corrupt card, before vanishing through time again. Yusei, Jack and Crow halt their Duel Runners and look in bewilderment at the original "Stardust Dragon" card, whose illustration has just been blanked.

Yusei, Jack and Crow then started questioning about Paradox's identity at their garage, when Akiza Izinski, Leo and Luna arrived and showed the archives they found about the past. They found an old article about "Maximillion Pegasus" and "Yugi Muto", with Yusei recognizing Yugi as a legendary duelist. They also discovered a record of "Stardust Dragon" assaulting various duelists in Europe. Knowing that "Stardust Dragon" could not have existed in that era, Yusei zooms in on the article's picture to discover Paradox standing in the background of the dragons. Outside, New Domino City begins to crumble and collapse. Witnessing the destruction, Jack Atlas realized that "Stardust Dragon's" existence in the past is now changing the future, which is their era.

With the support of the other Signers, their marks begin to glow as the complete Crimson Dragon appears on Yusei's back followed by Yusei's Duel Runner glowing as well. Yusei feels himself being called by the Crimson Dragon and beckons Yusei to board his runner. With its help, a time slip is opened and Yusei begins his chase after Paradox.

In Venice, Paradox finds Jaden Yuki, who still has the powers of Yubel and The Supreme King. Paradox attacks him with "Cyber End Dragon" and "Rainbow Dragon". Jaden manages to resist by Summoning "Elemental HERO Neos" to protect him. In response, Paradox Summons "Stardust Dragon", a monster from the future, and proceeds to overwhelm Jaden (This scene is how the movie opens before changing to Yusei's nightmare of Zero Reverse). Stardust Dragon's first attack almost destroys Neos and sends the two skidding backwards into a wall.

As Paradox commands Stardust Dragon to attack Jaden again, Yusei appears with the Crimson Dragon, who takes the blows for Jaden. Paradox disappears once again.

Soon, Yusei and Jaden began to chat on a roof. Seeing Yusei's Duel Runner, Jaden gets excited seeing such a technology, asking Yusei if that was the Duel Disk of the future. He then explained that he came here because he heard that there were cards missing from duelists. Yusei explains to Jaden that Paradox is trying to change the past and that his target was Maximillion Pegasus. Jaden then used his laptop to find out an article about the event that Paradox performed that would create a major historical event. (In the English version, Jaden did not believe Yusei, which is why he opened his laptop and discovered that truth.) Jaden then checks his card, as his "Elemental HERO Neos" card turns into a blank card. As the country began to collapse, Yusei tells Jaden that they must hurry to save the world.

Yusei and Jaden then ride Yusei's Duel Runner, with the Crimson Dragon taking both of them even further back in time.

Meanwhile, in Yugi's timeline, sometime after Battle City but before the Waking the Dragons arc, Maximillion Pegasus is currently holding a tournament. The Sakiyomi Jan Bang! made a cameo as the MC of the event. Yugi and his grandfather, Solomon Muto, noticed "Stardust Dragon", "Cyber End Dragon" and "Rainbow Dragon" in the sky. Paradox then attacks the crowd with "Cyber End Dragon" and "Stardust Dragon", killing almost everyone, including Pegasus and Yugi's grandfather.

Amongst the ruins, Yugi is the only survivor against Paradox's attack. He stands up and searches for other survivors. He finds a bandanna belonging to his grandfather and cries over his death. He then sees Paradox laughing on top of a building, happy that he finally completed his mission. At that moment a crack in the space appears and the Crimson Dragon suddenly "swallows" Yugi. Then, Yugi is thrown back in time at the same place half an hour earlier. Yusei and Jaden find Yugi and explain to him what they know about Paradox to him. Yugi agrees to fight with them against Paradox to free the trapped monsters and save the world.

At the event, Jaden Summons Yubel and starts to scare the audience, so they would flee. By doing so, Yugi hopes the future is safe as Jaden regains his "Elemental HERO Neos" card. However, Paradox arrives regardless to the shock of the heroes. After Paradox took his mask off and introduced himself, Yugi asks Paradox what kind of person he is. Paradox replies that he is from a future which was destroyed by Duel Monsters. He intends to destroy the game of Duel Monsters to prevent that future from happening. Yusei tries to tell Paradox that by changing time and trying to destroy Duel Monsters, he will also erase people from the timeline as well, to which Paradox replies that it is what he is looking forward to the most. Yusei, Yugi and Jaden challenge Paradox to a 3 on 1 Duel, with a time limit of 20 minutes, before Pegasus arrives at the event and the other dimensions crumble to pieces. Jaden's eves change color as Yubel appears behind him and Yusei's Mark of the Dragon glows as the Crimson Dragon roars behind him as the two Duel Kings say their catchphrases and then Yami says to Yugi that the Duel against Paradox would be the toughest and Yugi responds by saying that they should rise to the challenge. Yugi transforms into Yami and says his catchphrase as Paradox accepts this challenge and the Duel begins.

Paradox's Duel Runner transforms into a flying type and he floats up high and the Duel begins.

Paradox declares the first move. He activates "Malefic World" that lets him put a random "Malefic" monster from his Deck to his hand instead of drawing a card during his Draw Phase. The field begins transforming into a purple atmosphere full of stars. Then, he sends "Cyber End Dragon" from his Extra Deck to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Malefic Cyber End Dragon" from his hand. He sets a card to end his turn (because in a 3-on-1 Duel, you cannot attack on the first turn). By this time, Yugi, Jaden and Yusei come to the realization why Paradox has been stealing monsters: He's using them to Summon the "Malefic" monsters, as Yugi understands that by destroying a monster's good version, Paradox can Summon their dark version.

Yusei tells everybody that despite them never fighting together before, they must work together to defeat Paradox, as Yugi & Jaden agree. Yugi then asks Yusei to take the first turn for his team.

Yusei activates "Reincarnation of Hope", which sends "Sonic Chick" and "Quillbolt Hedgehog" from his hand to the Graveyard; but on their team's second Standby Phase, they are allowed to add a monster from their Deck to their hand. Yusei then Summons "Junk Synchron" and due to its effect, he also Summons "Sonic Chick" back on his field. He then activates the effect of "Quillbolt Hedgehog" to Summon it back to his field. He then uses the 3 monsters to Synchro Summon "Junk Gardna" in Defense Position. Yugi becomes surprised by the concept of Synchro Summoning, as Jaden is just as confused by Yusei's Synchro card, but praises Yusei's play and shows his interest in the future cards. Yusei Sets 2 cards to end his turn.

Paradox adds "Malefic Rainbow Dragon" to his hand due to the effect of "Malefic World". He then sends "Rainbow Dragon" from his Deck to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Malefic Rainbow Dragon" from his hand. Jaden then becomes angry since Paradox is using Jesse's card. Paradox attacks "Junk Gardna" with "Malefic Rainbow Dragon", but Yusei activates the effect of "Junk Gardna" that switches "Malefic Rainbow Dragon" to Defense Position, thus stopping the attack. Paradox then attacks "Junk Gardna" with "Malefic Cyber End Dragon", this time destroying it and inflicting Piercing Damage to Yusei's Life Points. Yusei felt the real damage that Paradox did to him, but not before activating "Junk Gardna's" 2nd ability, which switches Paradox's other monster in Defense mode and "Miracle's Wake", reviving his "Junk Gardna". Yusei apologizes for losing some Life Points, but Yami and Jaden insisted that Yusei did a good job, stopping the assault of both monsters. Paradox then Sets a card and ends his turn.

As Jaden's turn begins (his theme song plays in the Japanese version), he asks Yusei if he may borrow "Junk Gardna". Yusei agrees, as Jaden activates "Polymerization", fusing his "Elemental HERO Neos" with Yusei's "Junk Gardna" to Fusion Summon "Elemental HERO Neos Knight". The ATK of "Elemental HERO Neos Knight" increases by half the ATK of "Junk Gardna", making it 3200. Because of the other effect of "Elemental HERO Neos Knight", it can attack twice during the same Battle Phase. Thus, Jaden attacks Paradox's "Malefic Rainbow Dragon" and "Malefic Cyber End Dragon" with "Elemental HERO Neos Knight". Paradox activates "Malefic Tune", allowing him to draw 2 cards. Jaden Sets four cards to end his turn.

Paradox adds "Malefic Stardust Dragon" to his hand due to the effect of "Malefic World". He then sends "Stardust Dragon" from his Extra Deck to the Graveyard to Summon "Malefic Stardust Dragon". Yusei then became shocked to see that his ace monster became corrupted and in the English dub he yells at Paradox, calling him a snake and is horrified at what has been done to his card. Paradox then Normal Summons "Malefic Parallel Gear" and tunes it with "Malefic Stardust Dragon" to Synchro Summon "Malefic Paradox Dragon". Yusei is stunned by this, to which Paradox says that he is not the only one who could Synchro Summon. He activates its effect, Special Summoning "Stardust Dragon" and decreasing the ATK of Jaden's "Elemental Hero Neos Knight" by 2500. Paradox attacks "Elemental HERO Neos Knight" with "Malefic Paradox Dragon", but Jaden activates "Hero Barrier", negating the attack. Yugi and Yusei praise Jaden for that move, but Paradox activates "Malefic Claw Stream", destroying "Elemental HERO Neos Knight", but Jaden activates "Elemental Mirage", resurrecting "Elemental HERO Neos Knight" with its original ATK (2500). He explains to Yugi and Yusei that he did this to ensure that there was at least a monster on the field by Yugi's turn. Because of the effect of "Malefic Paradox Dragon", the ATK of "Elemental HERO Neos Knight" is reduced to 0. Paradox Sets 2 cards to end his turn.

As Yugi's turn began (his theme song plays in the Japanese version), he adds "Dark Magician" to his hand due to Yusei's "Reincarnation of Hope". Paradox knew that he would try to go for the "Dark Magician". Yugi activates "Ancient Rules", which allows him to Special Summon it. The Dark Magician, however, is still affected by the effect of Malefic Paradox Dragon, reducing its ATK to zero. Jaden gets excited seeing Yugi's ace card, while Yusei remembers based on the archives, the Dark Magician is Yugi's ace monster. At this point, Yusei asks Yami to destroy Stardust Dragon, since Malefic Paradox Dragon's effect will prevent them from launching an attack. Yugi then activates "Bond Between Teacher and Student", which Summons "Dark Magician Girl" to his field. Yami then activates "Magic Gate of Miracles", which lets him take control of one of Paradox's monsters and which Paradox assumes it is his "Malefic Paradox Dragon". In response, Paradox chains "Malefic Force", which protects his "Malefic Paradox Dragon" from Yami's card effects. Yami then smiles claiming his true target is "Stardust Dragon". Now Yusei gets his "Stardust Dragon" back on his field. Jaden then praises Yami for this, noting that Yami never wanted Malefic Paradox Dragon in the first place. By doing so, Malefic Paradox Dragon's effect is negated, thus returning the Dark Magician & Elemental Hero Neos Knight's ATK to their original amount. Yami then activates "Dark Magic Twin Burst", combining his two monsters' ATK together, raising the ATK of "Dark Magician" to 4500. He attacks and destroys "Malefic Paradox Dragon", resulting in Paradox losing 500 Life Points. Paradox then grins, claiming that these desperate moves change nothing. Yugi disagrees, mentioning to Paradox that he had two monsters and now he has none. Paradox mentioned that they only created the path for the Summoning of a powerful monster and activates "Malefic Paradigm Shift", which Summons "Malefic Truth Dragon" to his field when his "Malefic Paradox Dragon" is destroyed. This costs Paradox half of his Life Points to activate (Paradox: 1750 Life Points). Paradox then fuses with his new monster and everyone is amazed to see such a gigantic monster. Yugi then Sets 2 cards face down and ends his turn.

By now, time has run out as Pegasus is about to arrive, but cannot land his helicopter due to Malefic World still being in play. Back in New Domino City, everybody is watching their dimension collapse but Jack knows that Yusei still has a chance.

Paradox then starts his turn. He plays "Malefic Selector" to remove "Malefic Parallel Gear" and "Malefic Cyber End Dragon" from play to add "Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon" to his hand. Paradox then sends both "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" from his Deck to the Graveyard to Summon "Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon".

Yugi is shocked that the "Red Eyes Black Dragon" & "Blue Eyes White Dragon" have become Malefic monsters as well. Paradox then attacks "Dark Magician Girl" with "Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon". At that point, he also mentions Malefic Truth Dragon's ability: If a Malefic monster destroys one monster, the other monsters are destroyed also. Jaden then activates Yugi's "De-Fusion", sending Elemental HERO Neos Knight back to the Extra Deck and Summoning his "Elemental HERO Neos" and Yusei's "Junk Gardna". Yusei then uses the effect of "Junk Gardna" to switch "Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon" to Defense Position, thus canceling its attack. Yugi praises both Jaden and Yusei for this impressive display of teamwork but then Paradox then attacks "Dark Magician" with "Blue Eyes White Dragon" and destroys it, costing Yugi, Yusei and Jaden 500 Life Points. He then activates the effect of "Malefic Truth Dragon" which would destroy all of Yami, Jaden and Yusei's monsters, but Yusei activates the effect of "Stardust Dragon" to negate the destruction effect of "Malefic Truth Dragon" and destroy it. However, Paradox activates the effect of "Malefic Truth Dragon" which removes from play his "Malefic Rainbow Dragon" and negates the effect of "Stardust Dragon". He then attacks "Elemental HERO Neos" with "Malefic Truth Dragon" and thus activating its effect again, destroying "Dark Magician Girl" and "Junk Gardna". Also, for every monster destroyed, Malefic Truth Dragon inflicts 800 damage. Yami, Jaden and Yusei's Life Points are all reduced to 500 as all 3 of them are pushed back by the explosion. Paradox then activates "Malefic Divide", Special Summoning "Malefic Stardust Dragon" from the Graveyard. He then orders it to unleash its fury so that Duel Monsters will perish forever. Yusei falls to his knees, saying that everything is lost and the future is doomed. Jaden tells Yusei not to surrender reminding him that they have a "secret weapon" on their side. Yugi also tells Yusei that other than Paradox, they believe in Duel Monsters. To show him what he means, Jaden activates "The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh". The effect of "Flute of Summoning Kuriboh" allows Yami to add "Kuriboh" to his hand. Yami then discards "Kuriboh" to reduce the Battle Damage to 0. Paradox ends his turn, but not before "Malefic Stardust Dragon" gets destroyed by the effect of "Malefic Divide" and the original "Stardust Dragon" gets Summoned back to Yusei's field due to its ability. Yami then tells Yusei that no matter which era he is in, his friends will always be supporting him.

Yusei gets up, as Yami & Jaden tell Yusei to end the Duel, as they promise to aid. Yusei activates "Stardust Mirage", Special Summoning all monsters that Paradox destroyed during this turn. This brings back "Dark Magician Girl", "Dark Magician", "Elemental HERO Neos" and "Junk Gardna". Paradox is shocked, as all the monsters previously destroyed in his turn are Special Summoned back to their field. Yusei then draws a card to start his turn, as Jaden then activates "Neos Spiral Force", doubling the ATK of "Stardust Dragon" to 5000. Yami then activates "Dark Spiral Force". This then doubled Stardust Dragon's attack again to 10000. Yusei attacks "Malefic Truth Dragon" with "Stardust Dragon" and the combined efforts of "Dark Magician" and "Elemental HERO Neos", winning the Duel and restoring peace. Paradox is destroyed by the attack and is never to be seen again. Pegasus is finally able to land and arrive at the event.

After the Duel, Yusei thanks Jaden and Yami and hopes to meet them again, as Yami looks down from the rooftop towards the event where Pegasus is among the crowd. Yami gives a friendship speech and Yusei and Jaden return to their respective timelines. Back at New Domino City, everybody comes running to Yusei as Yusei himself looks at the sky and hopes to protect his future so that one day, he can meet Jaden and Yugi/Yami again. In the English version, he also says that the true magic of Duel Monsters isn't in the cards, it's the bonds we forge because of it.

Video Games




Jack Atlas

Jack and Yusei have known each other since they were little kids. Along with Crow they always seemed to be together. When they were in their teens, they joined The Enforcers, led by Kalin. After Kalin was arrested, Jack was offered the chance to go to New Domino City and become the Duel King. Jack and Yusei still seemed to be friends, but when Jack tied Rally up and put him in a boat, he gave Yusei the option to either duel him, or save Rally. When Yusei went to save Rally, Jack stole his Stardust Dragon and his Duel Runner and took off to New Domino City to become a Duel King under Rex Goodwin. Their friendship then ended (in the dub, Yusei grew a grudge towards Jack for betraying his trust and friendship and is much more angry about what Jack did). Most of the anime's first season is driven by Yusei and Jack's rivalry. Which has many similarities to Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba's from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters series.

When it is discovered that Yusei and Jack are both Signers, whose destiny it is to save the world from the Dark Signers, they are forced to work together despite their differences. Their friendship is then finally fully repaired when Jack (during his, Crow's and Yusei's Duel with Rex Goodwin) admits to before how he knew it, he ended up in a group of pests and how he cannot escape what is known as a bond and tells Rex Goodwin people don't get easily lonely. From then on, Yusei and Jack have always been good friends again.

Crow Hogan

Both Yusei and Crow have been friends since they were kids growing up. The two trust each other as much as Jack and Yusei trust each other. However, there are instances where Yusei and Crow will disagree with each other. Despite this though, Yusei and Crow still respect the other's decision and support each other.

Leo & Luna

Leo and Luna helped Yusei have a place to stay after he escaped Security. The two look up to Yusei as an older brother or father figure, since their real ones are not with them most of the time. In the English dub, however, Yusei lost his memory and Leo called him, "Mister Amnesia Man". Leo also said that he was a superhero, while Luna insisted that he was a knight in shining armor. Leo seems to idolize Yusei, as he is always trying to help Yusei. When Yusei was going to Turbo Duel Greiger, Leo sneaked into his garage to see his Duel Runner to help Yusei. The Twins both look up to Yusei for his strength, courage, and protectiveness of his friends.

Akiza Izinski

5Dx154 Yusei and Aki

Yusei with Akiza.

Akiza and Yusei are both experienced duelists and Signers. Yusei has helped out Akiza many times and she always tries to return the favor by helping him, hinting at her special feelings for him. It is not exactly shown straight out whether Yusei shares the same feelings for Akiza, though Martha appeared to be aware of them as she has teased him about liking her. Also, in the English version, he made no objections when Martha said Yusei was right and that Akiza was pretty. Also in the English version, he states that she is beautiful like her Black Rose Dragon during their duel in the Fortune Cup finals in the 24th episode.

Yusei has displayed protectiveness and care for Akiza. When Lyndon held Akiza's hands in some manner, Yusei pulled Lyndon back rather forcefully, as though it was out of jealousy, and Akiza has a shocked look on her face after this. He has also demonstrated that he has a considerable amount of trust in her, since he gives her his "Stardust Dragon". Also, the night before they all left, he talked with Akiza alone in his garage. Akiza blushed while trying to confess to him, but then decided not to. They continued their conversation until they took each others' hands, and the two gazed at each other with the other person's image in their eyes.

Carly Carmine

Kalin Kessler

Yusei met Kalin back at a young age when he was in a group known as The Enforcers with Jack and Crow. Kalin was the leader of this group, and it is said by Jack that all three of them thought of Kalin as their "Savior". Yusei has a higher respect and concern for Kalin than Jack and Crow, as he was the only one who stayed when The Enforcers separated. He tried to give himself up to Security in order to save Kalin from punishment. Even after Kalin attempted to take his life, Yusei continued to try to save him. Later in the series, after Kalin's resurrection, Yusei received a letter and headed out to Crash Town to bring Kalin to his senses, after he claimed he wanted to die in a duel.


Mina Simington



Bolt Tanner




Tenzen Yanagi


The two have very similar interests, the first and foremost being the upgrading of Duel Runners, and due to this, they bonded very fast, to the extent that when they were doing a project, they were so absorbed in their own work that they didn't even notice anyone else's presence in the room. Yusei is shown to care about Bruno, first not wanting to believe he is Antinomy. After the second duel-with Vizor ended with Yusei's win, he tried to prevent Bruno from being sucked into the black hole. However, Bruno sacrificed his life to save Yusei, which left Yusei in tears while screaming his name. Yusei actually kept Bruno's glasses, which is shown in the final image on the extended ending.

Rex Goodwin

Tetsu Trudge

Yami Yugi

Yugi Muto

Knownable Relatives


  • Yusei's last name Fudo, means "steadfast" and "unmovable". His first name means "planet" or "planetary".

Voice Actors

  • Japanese : Yuya Miyashita
  • English : Greg Abbey

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